My Relaxing massage

Sofia BBW relaxing massage
Sofia Big Beautiful Woman and my relaxing massage

This type of massage helps to relieve stress and relieve tension caused by daily stress. A relaxing massage is one of the non-medical massage options. It is intended to bring about relaxation, "clear one's head", to soothe the soul, and is also suitable if there are no physical but mental burdens due to, for example, professional strain. The massage can be performed on the entire body as well as on selected body regions such as the back or legs.

In the run-up to a conversation first any massage wishes of the gentleman or particularly tense zones are to be determined. In addition, the relaxing massage should take place in a soothing atmosphere and in a pleasant ambience: a warm room, quiet, restrained music, dimmed light or aromatic scent can increase the effect of the treatment enormously.

The relaxing massage itself is based on slow, even touches and movements of initially only gentle pressure, whereby massage oil is often used for better gliding. The first step consists entirely in light stroking, where the areas of tension and hardening are detected more accurately by gentle scanning. Then the tensions are kneaded stronger, so massaged with fingers and hands targeted to solve them. Even deeper or firmer knots can be worked on and relaxed by a targeted pressure with fingers or thumbs. Mostly followed by a muscle-tapping, with the muscle loosening continued and the nerves are stimulated.

Personally, I do not want to call myself a massage therapist, but have learned relaxe massaging and have practically refined it for years. I like to offer my finger and hand skills, which can be used for foreplay, afterplay or just to relax. The small, but subtle and significant difference to the classic massage: I renounce any clothing and not infrequently ends my nude massage in a first, second or even third happy ending.

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