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Elite Escort Service world wide - Sofia VIP - German BBW
Elite Escort Service world wide - Dipl.Eng Sofia - VIP Escort - German BBW

With an escort service, gentlemen book the acompany from a lady for a previously agreed period. On the one hand, the service includes social contact and exchange, on the other hand it often also includes an erotic offer.

The elite escort service differs from the classic escort by target group and quality of the offer: addressed are people with a high level of education and predominantly university degrees that are successful in career and mostly occupy leading, influential positions in industry, politics or business. They often move in upscale circles and expect from the escort lady that she can act sovereignly in such an environment. The external appearance should look stylish and elegant, moreover, the lady should be able to participate in conversation and interaction with intelligence and sovereign terms. This ensures that the client can easily carry out his escort on social occasions. In this context, "Elite" concerns the circle of gentlemen and at the same time refers to the professionalism of the escort lady.

In addition to the community visit of public events, cultural events or entertaining establishments, the elite escort service in most cases includes sexual experiences. Depending on the offer of the lady, these can in the simplest case include a short hotel visit or be extended over several hours. In addition, occasionally day and weekly accompaniments can be booked. Many gentlemen rely on the utmost discretion when using the service in order not to endanger their own reputation in elitist society or private constellations.

With regard to the concrete time frame and the services contained therein in erotic and social terms, arrangements must be made in advance between gentleman and lady. In most cases, a flat-rate fee will be paid for this, while any additional services that may be incurred during the meeting will be charged separately.

Personally, I appreciate the intellectual exchange, as well as topics such as art and culture. With my elite escort service, I not only associate the desire for erotic enrichment, but also the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience.

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