My VIP Escort Service in Baden Baden

Sensual moments in a peaceful town

Values VIP ​​Gentleman, the contemplative Baden-Baden means for me a retreat and relaxation from the sometimes stressful business day. Before every trip to the famous spa and baths city, I am pleased to receive an invitation from a nice gentleman, who would like to use my VIP escort service, with whom I am allowed to experience a few hours of exhilarated and also erotic eroticism. This wonderful combination of wellness and pure pleasure I hope to share with you. Now you just have to show some initiative and invite me to a Tête-à-Tête. My hotel visits will surely be worthwhile for you and your personal highlight:

VIP Escort at and in hot springs

The town, located in the western part of Baden-Württemberg, can barely reach 53,000 inhabitants. Baden-Baden is therefore small and even the smallest city in the country. But how is it called so beautiful and how I have always experienced it with my VIP escort? - "Small, but ok." - Thus, in the village on the northern edge of the Black Forest, there are many hot thermal springs, which are used, for example, to feed the hotel pools. Even the Romans had recourse to these effervescent springs, and not infrequently did I imagine the ardent men bathing their naked, steely bodies here.

As a well-known spa and bathing town, Baden-Baden invites you to relax, to relax or, as in my case, to stroll, dive and fun. I am happy in the parks on the way, gladly I also dream on one of the hiking trails and likewise it has me, inside as outside, the Kurhaus done. More about this and what you can experience there with your VIP escort lady, read below.

Do you know what these hot, bubbling sources remind me of? I think you know it. What if I give your source something hot and bubbly and you enjoy my moisture? The following hotels, for example:

Maison Messmer

What an architecture, what splendid rooms - what luxury. From my point of view the Dorint Maison Messmer in Baden-Baden has earned each of his five stars, because here I feel like a queen with my VIP escort service. A highly respected board opened the door to my penthouse suite a few years ago for a night. On the roof terrace, we were allowed to have a glass of champagne and then to explore the possibilities offered by the numerous rooms. Quickly the proud queen, with her independent VIP escort, turned into a not-so-independent slave of desire, and with all her three openings of longing for touch, after tender caress and penetrating hardness.

Leonardo Royal Hotel Baden-Baden

Since the Leonardo in Baden-Baden has numerous meeting rooms, there are regular managers from all over the world. In their free hours, they enjoy the varied leisure activities (such as pool, fitness and spa) and not only once they enjoyed my VIP escort service at one of my hotel visits. An extravagant experience I was able to make in this hotel with a voyeuristically judged gentleman. In a little roll-up, he watched me as I gradually graduated from my costume. As I gently stripped my nylons, slowly taking off my top, bra, and skirts, he scrutinized every millimeter of my body. My lascivious looks, my exhilarating curves, and last but not least my frivolous words, all self-evident elements of my high-class VIP escort, made him quickly put his hand on me. Shortly then, my wet panties fell to the ground and I found myself back under his biting masculinity again. Only the prelude to a long-lasting excess of the senses.

Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel

This hotel was once a monastery, now luring the rooms with high-quality style and elegant interior. I particularly appreciate during my hotel visits the spa with its large pool, which is fed by a thermal source. In a tight bikini, I spent time in the warm wetly chatting with a German pilot. It occurred to me that his eyes always fell on the bosom of his VIP escort lady. Still in the pool he touched the two pleasure-donors as if by accident. Back in the room he forgot his prudence, grabbed hard, played with his tongue against the buds, and finally, with all his manliness, slid between the well-formed hills into a valley of pleasure. I let him go, let him rub me, until he withdrew to empty himself on the breasts of his VIP escort lady. This pilot showed me what real VIP escort and flying really means!

An independent VIP escort that stimulates your appetite

My high-class VIP escort will let your mouth water quickly. Luckily, Baden-Baden is the perfect place to dine: in the Brenners Park restaurant, a jacket is indispensable, which already points to the noble character of the interior. Be assured: I will also wear a handsome costume for you, because this is also part of my VIP escort. In the Nigrum we can also be spoiled personally, away from the restaurant hustle and bustle. Even more elegant and sumptuous, it can be dined in the Röttele's Restaurant & Residenz. After all, the Edelrestaurant is located in a castle - the Neuweier. Finally, I would also like to recommend a recommendation for the winter garden restaurant in the Brenners Park hotel. Just beautiful!

Through the night - with highlight guarantee

Baden-Baden is, as already mentioned above, particularly well-known for its health resort. With the Casino, the Bernstein Club and the Equipage in it, it is the center of a whole region for an exclusive nightlife. Only rarely have I been in my VIP Escort in a place where only one house is offered so much:

Casino Baden-Baden

The casino offers everything the gamblers love, from roulette to poker to blackjack. I would like to accompany you to several players, because I also have a soft spot for dice and cards. As for a high class VIP escort, I like to hide as a lady at your side also the one or the other ace - you just have to know where it is with me (in the sleeve certainly not).

Bernstein Club in Casino Baden-Baden

The Bernstein Club invites you to a noble party in a glamorous ambience. Here you can dance and celebrate. A cocktail at the bar and a swing around the parquet, like a hearty, tightly wrapped, body to body - taste the joys of this club with your personal VIP escort lady.

Equipage in the Kurhaus

The Equipage also lets us dance in a refined establishment with music and a drink. It is a single intoxication to move amid the well-dressed dominions, to get to know each other, to get to know each other, to get closer ... closer, closer and closer. An absolute must-have if you use my VIP escort service.

My visit in yur Hotel in Baden-Baden

Dear gentleman. Dancing with me, relax with me - play with me. Let yourself be seduced by the surrender of an irresistibly generous VIP escort lady. Two hours, three, four, a whole night. My hotel visits in Baden-Baden promise moments full of charm and togetherness, moments in which I am available to you along with my voluptuous and "innocent" feminine tenderness. Would you like to get to know me?

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