My multiple orgasms

Sofia VIP Escort - my multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms

For many women, an orgasm is difficult to achieve and multiple orgasms are only reserved for a few women. One speaks of multiple orgasm when a woman puts herself into a kind of trance and receives several orgasms that arise more and more often and ultimately going one right after the other. It is a rare phenomenon and many women can only dream of it. I'm lucky and have had multiple orgasms many times.

My first orgasm

I was very curious about my body at my early teens and really wanted to know everything about it. I started playing with my labia whenever I was alone. I was also very interested in how deep my vagina is. So in first I put one finger or two and noticed that it was so good for me. One day he came - the orgasm. Since then, I have been excited by objects that would somehow fit into my vagina.

Orgasm through masturbation

I masturbate daily and sometimes several times a day. There were times when I experienced up to 20 orgasms from masturbation. Today, thanks to the media and my curiosity, I know everything about my body and sexuality. I also know that there are many women who have never even experienced an orgasm in their lives. Many women can only experience an orgasm through masturbation. Even less are lucky with a man.

Orgasm with the man

It is different on me, even if I very often satisfy myself and in different ways, I get the best orgasms with a man ... or with two ... laugh. There is simply nothing better in the world than a man with a wand with whom he can work miracles in my vagina. I love all men, or maybe almost everyone. I probably love them because they have nice cocks, I don't really know. But I love men, by the way, I also get along better with men in normal life than with women.

Anal orgasm

I was also able to experience an anal orgasm quite early. Since then, I like anal sex no less than vaginal. The special daily hygiene is a matter of course for me, who knows what can come to me in the evening? Dear God, equipped me with a luscious bottom that beautiful men somehow magically attracts . Main Po is very tight inside and yet stretchy enough to love to receive a masculinity of almost any size. My orgasm is guaranteed during anal sex.

Orgasm by way of cunnilingus

Which woman doesn't like to get a Cunny ?! I love him too, especially when a man can and enjoys it himself. With some a Man I would love to enjoy a nice cunnilingus for hours. I've experienced real cunny artists before, but even beginners can kiss, lick and taste my femininity. I always get an orgasm ... or a few more.

My oral orgasm is still my dream

I've heard or read before that a woman can get an orgasm while spoiling a man orally. Unfortunately I haven't been able to experience it yet. Maybe one day I'll meet a man who makes me orgasm while I blow his nice cock.

Women's orgasm is in short supply

Many men know that nowadays and appreciate him when the partner experiences a real natural orgasm with him. The partner's orgasm is very important for the man, because orgasm is a kind of proof of his masculinity. So some women have recognized it and sometimes cannot avoid the temptation to pretend an orgasm for their sex partner. I can only be thankful that I never had to.


Dear gentlemen, experience me as a passionate luxury courtesan and VIP escort lady, let my orgasms rich high class service convince you.

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