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6 hours of sexmarathon with 5 his and countless mine orgasms with a US anesthetist

It was a short spontaneous booking for 6 hours with a smart description. At first I was a bit skeptical and thought that it was again a dubious sender. Somehow I got a good feeling anyway and decided to confirm the booking. During the drive to the hotel I had different thoughts: 6 hours of sex would of course be terrific, unfortunately hardly anyone can keep up with me. Of course, I also really like 6 hours of cuddling, but the chemistry has to be right, otherwise it gets boring quickly. That left me with enough reasons to be skeptical during the drive to the hotel. Only after the meeting did I know what I almost missed!


The anesthetist from USA welcomed me to a suite in one of the best hotels in Frankfurt with champagne and a fantastic view of the Frankfurt skyline. The first thing he did was show me his vaccination certificate with the Covid19 vaccine and 5 negative tests for various sexually transmitted diseases, quite apart from that, intercourse with a condom was a prerequisite. Just like a decent doctor should! Then it started immediately! His cock appeared quickly and it was beautiful, I was allowed to kiss, blow and suck it, which I did with full passion and dedication. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy his manhood in my mouth for long, because every time I was allowed to suck it, it didn't take long and he turned me around and used his best piece for what he was actually made for ... namely to fuck! !! ... In contrast to most gentlemans who prefer oral sex and massages, there was a lot of sex this time. I hadn't had 6 hours of sex in one go for a long time ... well ... with short breaks with champagne and nice conversations in between, of course ... but really short ones !!! ... laugh ... As soon as I touched him or told something erotic, the popping continued.

He turned me around in every imaginable position and fucked all my holes and caves non-stop, one after the other. I only had one thought: "What a bitch I am, whore, three-hole fuck mare, one last piece of dirt!". Oh God! I was in seventh heaven with lust. I haven't been so lucky in a long time. I have forgotten where heaven and earth, where above and below, and whether it was day or night. He really managed to finish fucking me! I could not anymore! In the end I kept asking him to stop! I was really exhausted! Then he said: "Yes !!!"

I was still in a floating state for some time, my holes ached pleasantly and I was allowed to say goodbye. I was driven home completely satisfied and with lots of good feelings.

I had somehow got a preference for Americans before, now the Americans have become the absolute favorites for me. If an American contacts me now, I'll get excited and wet downstairs. So dear Americans! Get in touch, you have the best chances! But don't disappoint me ... laugh ...

Doesn't mean that I'm ONLY into Americans. I fuck with everyone! .. laughs ... Well, not exactly with everyone, of course ... You have to be well-groomed, well-educated and financially well-off. I am with you body and soul, you dear gentlemen, and no journey is too far for me for good sex.

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