Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage by Sofia VIP Independent - German BBW
Lingam Massage from Sofia VIP Independent - German BBW

What does "Lingam" mean

The word "lingam" was borrowed from Sanskrit, ancient Indian. Symbolically terms such as "phallus" or, more literally, "magic wand" are associated with it. This refers to the male genitalia, which sometimes refers to the entire genital area of ​​the man including the penis, testicles, prostate and anus.

What is Lingam Massage

With a Lingam massage, the touch of the lady concentrates superficially, mostly exclusively on these sensitive zones. Stimulation can last for many minutes to several hours without ejaculation first. As part of the Tantra, the Indian art of love, the body and mind of the man is stimulated with this massage variant and at the same time relaxed, so that the subsequent (not always necessary) climax is experienced highly intense. With repeated use, another side effect may be that the man can delay his orgasm during sex longer.

The lady takes on the "giving" active role during the lingam massage while the Lord "takes" and passive. For stimulation, various techniques are used, which are mainly based on gentle, long-lasting pats. These can be assisted by using oils or gels. A continuous erection is not a must during the treatment, but rather the repeated interplay between hardness and relaxation can increase the feeling of pleasure. Another key factor in the Lingam massage is the atmosphere. Dimmed light, possibly burning candles, warm air and background music help the gentleman to concentrate holistically on the touch of the woman.

What does the Lingam Massage mean to me?

The lingam massage is one of my specialties. For me it is a personal pleasure to devote myself to masculinity for over minutes and even hours. When his sex presents itself right in front of my eyes, leaving me to my skilled dexterity, these are invaluable moments of absolute intimacy.I love to keep him on the edge, then stop for a moment to play him again ... until finally it takes only a single last touch to him in his trance-like state, to be over-excited To bear over the threshold of an explosive climax.

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