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My name is Sofia. I am a graduate engineer with an unusual hobby: I love sophisticated eroticism and live my sensuality of the VIP escort service. I was born as a German in Eastern Europe, you can still listen to my charming accent. In Germany I live for about 10 years and have made here as an independent businesswoman career. Meanwhile, my business is going so well that I can plan my time freely and devote myself to the accompaniment more interesting men. Frankfurt's my city, and from here I like traveling. Welcome to my world - High Class Independent Escort Frankfurt and international.

Escort service

Escort Service is a service for a fee for an agreed period, the so-called escorts offer as a woman or of rare as men. The escorts make their company as an accompaniment to business dinners, trade fair up to the holiday and leisure accompaniment. As escort service for the private time-accompaniment is offered, including erotic services are meant.

My escort service Frankfurt and international

Welcome to my escort service world! Have you already had experience with escorts or already know you well from? Niveau is to me very important - both my counterpart and as the objects with which I surround myself. Hotels upscale, where we experience the togetherness, are for me as standard along with food culture or tasty wine. I accompany you to a romantic or business diner, an event, trade show or on travel. I am quite flexible in time and a reservation for several days is also possible. As true high class escort lady you see me in our unforgettable private time as the culmination of emotions, sensuality up to unbridled passion. Experience with me the escort service in Frankfurt and international.


 My Independent Escort Frankfurt and international

Independent Escort will as a term increasingly popular and indispensable has its bright side. As independent escort I'm not dependent on anyone and meet me in my free time with interesting mens and feel me inspired. The feelings are sharper, the passion stronger and you are ultimately much more relaxed after the meeting and certainly happy as I am. Experience my Independent Escort Service in Frankfurt am Main and international.

My VIP Escort Service in Frankfurt am Main and international

VIP stands for "Very Important Person". In the time when we are together you are for me a very important person, because only then I feel satisfied when I can make you feel as a VIP. Your well-being is very important to me. Let yourself after a hard day relaxing by me and completely drop your inhibitions. VIP escort service is my passion, I love to share with you. Feel with me as a VIP! Experience myself as VIP escort service in Frankfurt and international.

Sofia as a courtesan Frankfurt and international

The term courtesan (fr. Courtisane, ital. Cortigiana) comes from noble or high bourgeois circles, which represents a woman who offers her love services. As kept woman was also the courtesan as mistress of one or more men from aristocratic circles. Renaissance courtesans, Pietro Aretino The Courtesan 1534, courtesan Marguerite Gautier, the Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas from 1848, the opera La traviata by Giuseppe Verdi or playing Roman splendor and misery of the courtesans of Honoré de Balzac - so the thought of all the names and artworks inspired me to sensual fantasies. Experience myself as a courtesan in Frankfurt and international.


Cities that I know...

...or that I would love to discover







Saint Petersburg




New York
Hong Kong
Los Angeles
Buenos Aires
Sao Paolo
Rio de Janeiro




Private or hotel visits in Frankfurt, Germany and internationally

I visit you for leisure or at the hotel in Frankfurt, nationwide or internationally. After romantic text that going before, it sounds somehow ... Imagine: an attractive, highly educated and confident appearing lady, which after less Time in the hotel room their wraps drops down. I bet you've often played as a fantasy in your head. The contrasts attract me magically and I think it is very important to unite the opposites in erotic life. I feel contrasts of my brave Privacy to my erotic hobby as a high class Independent Escort very exciting and sexy. And you? Experience my hotel or private visit in Frankfurt am Main, nationwide or international.

Sofia as a High Class Companion Frankfurt, Germany and internationally

When talking about High Class Companion, is often meant Escort of extra-class or luxury accompanimentin the erotic sense. Experience myself as a High Class Companion in Frankfurt, nationwide or international.

Sofia as luxury Hostess Frankfurt, Germany and internationally

A hostess is mostly a lady or a man as employees takes care of guests at travel or airlines or big events. She has appropriate manners, language skills and an attractive appearance. In Germany, the hostesses are mostly taught at fairs and major events of agencies. The name Hostess is among other often used as an escort or prostitute in the classical sense. Experience myself as luxury Hostess in Frankfurt, nationwide or international.

High Class Escort Independent Frankfurt

Frankfurt's my city, I feel me at home here and traveling to from here worldwide, as business lady, private or as escort. So I offer my services here as a High Class Escort Frankfurt am Main, Germany High Class Escort or Escort International.

You can take me as an elegant companion for city trips, for dinner, and for business or cultural events. At the same time, you can fulfil all your erotic dreams with me, or even inspire my erotic fantasies. I am a passionate lady, whose femininity is both sensual and sultry/fiery! Highly interesting erotic fantasies are always visiting me, fantasises which I want to live out. That is the reason why I have made a independent high-class escort service my hobby.

I invite you to delve through my photos, video and much more information on my website in my high-class world. You can reach me here via a simple contact form by email or book my services here directly . More contact options can be found here.

I shall look forward to your inquiries with anticipation!

Your Sofia

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