Are these pictures yours?

Yes, these are my pictures. I am well dressed, and I have been photographed in erotic poses.

Is your VIP high class escort service an agency?

No, it's just my hobby. I don’t engage any other lady; I act personally. For the formalities and other official functions, I have at my side my loyal and dedicated Manager.

Since this is linked to financial transactions, I have, of course, registered it at the appropriate tax office.

Is your escort service a professional one?

I am a engineer by profession and I conduct my own business successfully. This VIP high class escort service is my hobby. I have lived in Germany for around 10 years and have worked here as an independent businesswoman. In the meantime, my business has flourished so well that I can devote myself in a relatively flexible manner to accompanying interesting men.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me directly here. I read the messages myself and try to answer them as quickly as I can. Please understand, however, that as an active business woman, I can occasionally be delayed. You can reach me as well via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram or email. Here you will find more contact possibilities

Why can not I reach you personally by phone?

This has the following reasons. I get a lot of calls with the hidden intention of doing phone sex with me. I am very sensitive to erotic topics and prefer to talk to someone who is with me. On the other hand, I belong to a rare type of women who talk relatively little and are more on the deeds.

I put a lot of emphasis on my free time to arrive in a good mood and motivated way to my dates. Time is a very precious commodity, I hope you agree and understand that you will be amazed at my charming voice only at our meeting.

Is a personal consultation by phone possible?

You can call my Manager from 8:00 to 22:00 o'clock (Berlin time GMT+2)

Mobile: +49 1590 6106939 (Sascha, he knows me inside out and likes to answer your questions)

or enter a call back here.

Sascha will immediately contact you.

Can I rely on your discretion?

Discretion is just as important for me, for obvious reasons, as it is for you. I, of course, guarantee it to you. You can rest assured that no personal information will be saved, or used for any other purposes. I assume that your behaviour towards me would also be likewise.

Where does a date take place?

You can decide the location where you would like to meet me. I am sure that you are accustomed to move around in such environments.

Is your service available during holidays or weekend trips?

I simply love to travel. However, it is advisable to meet in advance, in case of a short rendezvous at our journey, so as to make the experience a harmonious and unforgettable one.

Do you offer hotel visits?

You stay while passing through, for business or pleasure in a upscale hotel and spend your evening reluctant alone. I will be delighted to permit a memorable hotel visit in Frankfurt am Main, Germany or internationally.

What is the information you require in a request?

During an inquiry, the following information is important:

  1. Personal details (name and first name optional)
  2. Summary
  3. Requested date
  4. Location of the meeting
  5. Estimated time
  6. Your wishes or ideas (optional)
What should I note while on a date with you?

I assume you will look forward to our first rendezvous, as would I. Given the way I would look forward to the date, and would have prepared for this, I expect in return that you, on your part, would be charming and polite, and with a well-kept and well-groomed appearance. This will play a major role in fulfilling your erotic desires.

Please hand over the envelope containing my fee at the beginning of the meeting, and without any demands, to my Manager. This is a common practice, and part and parcel of a VIP service. In addition, it will help further our rendezvous.

We will come very close during our date. As part of our togetherness, we will certainly have nice, partially confidential, and certainly intimate conversations. However, there are some questions that could embarrass me. Hence, I would ask you to avoid:

  1. Asking about details of my private contact numbers or address, or taking photographs. Discretion has the highest priority for me.
  2. Asking intimate questions about my private life. I want to have a wonderful time with you, relieve you of everyday stress, help you relax, and let your erotic dreams and fantasies run wild. This is only possible if I can switch off and work in a harmonious atmosphere as well.
How and when can I book the best?

As soon as possible. Usually, a week is perfect. If you would spontaneously prefer a short date, it is also possible in some circumstances. I like flying dates, too, specially when I have the time and the passion.

However, if you are planning a trip, it would make sense to book two to three weeks in advance.

What are my expectations of an honorarium?

My list of honorary expenses you can find here. If necessary, travel costs can be listed in the fee list.

Would you expect a deposit?

For longer bookings, especially with those associated with travel expenses, I expect a down payment. The deposit amount is purely symbolic; it is intended to represent the seriousness of your booking.

How can I pay a deposit?
  • Western Union (preffered)
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayDirekt
  • Amazon Gift
Whose name appears on my bank transfer statement?

The name of my private manager.

Is it possible to create invoices?

Of course, we can issue invoices at your request, in your name.

When and how do I settle the remainder of the payment?

Please hand over the agreed unsolicited residual fee to my manager, who will bring me to the meeting. Then there will be nothing that can disturb our rendezvous!


When are travel expenses incurred? How much are these?

If would you like to meet me outside my home city, the appropriate travel expenses will apply. The amount of travel expenses can be found in the fee list here.

For the flight or train: Please deposit a paid return air ticket at the counter of the airline. The other possibility is that my manager would then book it for you.

What if I have to cancel at short notice?

That is something quite natural—something can suddenly crop up. Let me know immediately, because I will be reserving the time exclusively for you. It is possible that I’ll settle the paid deposit with you on our next date.

Would you like me to provide feedback after the date?

Sure! I look forward to your feedback after the date. Whether it is a critical review, or a record of the exciting time you have spent - I’ll be happy to consider it. Of course, positive feedback is most welcome for me. Your satisfaction is a source of great pleasure for me, and what is all the more beautiful, is that there might possibly be a next time.

You can write down your feedback here.