This evening…

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… I meet with my regular guest and am looking forward to a very nice meeting. Every time the meeting with him is very emotional and exceptionally erotic. I love my double life as a serious businesswoman on one side and VIP escort lady on the other and I’m curious what awaits me today …

Sofia sexy naked in a blouse

Frankfurt Skyline

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I always admire the Frankfurt skyline, even though I see it every day from different perspectives. Today I’m meeting with a VIP gentleman from the IP industry in a hotel where the bed is right in front of the window with a breathtaking view of the Frankfurt skyline. Hopefully he fucks me through properly. I love my hobby … as a VIP escort lady!

BBW Sofia takes a foam bath

I’m back, dear gentlemen …

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… should not mean that I had no sex the whole time 😳 … quite the opposite 😆 … and I will try in the future to keep you up to date. Today, for example, I have get a nice ample and enjoyable morning cunnilingus with multiple happyends! So the day has to start!

Sofia in the break at work

What a wonderful week

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The last week was very nice, I had beautiful dates with wonderful gentlemen almost every night and had a lot of fun in sex and a lot of sperm. Tonight I have a meeting with two gentlemen and looking forward to a nice sandwich. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about. I am very excited…

Sofia BBW in nylon topless

At Easter, I was pretty honest at first…

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At Easter, I was pretty honest at first, but several days without sex were very hard for me. Finally, on Sunday evening I met with a young gentleman from Luxembourg, he was very young and just came to Frankfurt because of me. I was very touched and it was very nice time with him, he has twice happy end experienced and then enjoy a nice relaxing massage from me.

Sofia big butt in nylon topless

Yesterday I had my as…day… but meant in the best sense

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Yesterday I had my as…day, or more precisely evening… but meant in the best sense, of course. He has first let hes co.. pampered oral, sometimes deep and sometimes pleasurable. I kissed his very tender, big and smooth glans, sucked and licked, enjoyed his shaved nuts and deeper between the buttocks with my tongue. He smelled so sexy and was so loving to me. Then we swapped, he spoiled my butt with his tongue until I wanted only one thing: his 20cm deep in my butt! Then it started, he pushed me for hours in all imaginable positions only in the butt until I came again and again … This was my unforgettable anal evening!

Sofia BBW in nylon and high heels

It was beautiful yesterday and again this morning

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Last night I had met an old friend again and he has worried me for 2 hours with his huge part in all my holes properly. It was great again! And this morning I had a lot of desire again! It’s always like this, the more often you have sex the more desire you have. It sounds like addiction but I love it, and this morning I had a date again and this time with two attractive gentlemen. That was an increase of lusts! I had 4 hand-caresses in the beginning and 3 hours nonstop 2 cock-fu… up to falling down in every conceivable position, one after the other, both at once … but … somehow … I have a third missed … In any case, I had a lot of fun lots of sper… and I’m supplied for the next 2-3 days. I love the feeling to go back motivated to normal work, and highly satisfied and relaxed through everyday life.

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Sofia BBW in the bathroom and champagne

This morning

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I woke up this morning and immediately had a strong desire for sex, but I still had a lot to do. And now I finally have time and my next sex date is already set for tonight. This is my old friend, he has a nice cock and fucks very well in all my holes. I already have sexual desire between my legs … and tomorrow morning … I have a date with two men, but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow