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Professor from Manhattan

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Last week I had an unforgettable meeting with a professor from New York. When he started to speak German with me I was very relieved, my english is not really good. With him I had a very nice evening with a lot of talking and at least as much beautiful sex with countless orgasms. A borned Berliner and highly educated man impressed me with his healthy sexual dominance. The popular saying “stupid fucks better” I was allowed to strongly doubt once again. I dropped myself, and put all my openings for his unrestrained use. He does not have a big cock, but fucked me like a last piece of dirt until the seventh heaven. How nice that I can live my passion for unrestrained sex as an escort!

One week on the beach

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And again my vacation is over. It was very nice, especially because I was with a gentleman who was always there for me. We had sex every day and several times, on the yacht, in the hotel, on the beach and in the sea. Even in the car while driving I was allowed to blow his beautiful hard cock. Especially on the beach, the naked and often wet bodies that ran around everywhere and lay made me horny, my partner was no different and his cock was once again hard. He penetrated into me the same every time we went into the water and enjoyed it slowly in front of other tourists. Sometimes we disappeared with the beach towel in the bushes and then I was allowed to blow him his hard cock again extensively, he came pretty fast and was always very fertile the first time, so I always had full mouth sperm. After the first shot, it went on again without a break, he turned me around and took me in my big plump ass hard and extensively with his 20cm large straight phallus with a big glans, which I was allowed to feel deep inside me and countless orgasms brought. At night in the hotel I got my good night sex in our cuddly bed in turn in all my openings. I loved his hot cock and my hobby as a VIP courtesan.

From Monday it goes to the beach under the sun

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I am already looking forward to a romantic trip to an island where the sun shines with a gentleman whom I have known for a long time. I look forward to having sex every day at the luxury hotel, under the sun on the yacht and in the water. I can not wait, two more days! I’m so horny, had not had a man for three days except my electric friend. He gives me countless orgasms, but makes me only more horny for a real man. I’m excited! My VIP escort life is my rescue!

Summer farewell in Vienna

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The weekend in Vienna was unforgettable. The evening on Saturday and the night I spent with a wonderful athletic built big businessman in a luxurious romantic hotel in the middle of Vienna. In the 150sqm large suite everything was set up except for details so that nothing was missing. Fresh roses everywhere, Champagne and selected wines made for a romantic atmosphere. After that, of course, sex came! The man overshadowed all my previous experiences, every movement or activity that hit the right nerve with me and inevitably led from one wonderful orgasm to another to an orgasmic chain. We slept in between and did it again … all night … in all my holes … with a lot of hot, snow-white sperm! The next day with the beautiful memories of the last night I admired the beautiful city of Vienna and then drove home!

Dear Marco! Thank you very much for a wonderful meeting with you, which I certainly will not forget soon! I enjoyed every minute with you. Thank you!

PS. (The name I changed for discretion)

Swiss chocolate from the young accountant

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At the weekend I was allowed to give a young accountant from Switzerland a lesson in the field of sexology. Switzerland just is a rich country. He said that he started his sex life at the age of 29 only a year ago. The evening was very sweet with him! His young strength blessed us both with an evening of nonstop sex in all my femininity, which I was allowed to interrupt with my massage arts with external and internal use. His beautiful and rather large masculinity carried me several times to 7th heaven. The enchanting farewell message from him that I received on my way back, left a beautiful echo and rounded off our meeting perfectly. On the whole, it was a beautiful week!

PS. Dear Gentleman, I am very happy whenever I receive feedback from you afterwards

Romantic evening a week ago

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At the beginning of last week I had a nice extended evening with a Bavarian shipbuilder. At the dinner he told me a lot of exciting things about shipbuilding and the shipping industry, which was very entertaining for me as a civil engineer. After that we had spent several unforgettable erotic hours together in the room. He has a beautiful huge cock and it was obviously embarrassing for him that he is so big. In contrast, I admired its beauty, because such a wonderful specimen in the good sense and also in this size I have seen in my varied life only a few times. I can imagine that there are many women who can’t physically receive such a prime specimen. I certainly do not belong to such, quite the contrary, I found it a pity that I was not allowed to experience him in my ass. Probably for his part understandable reasons… But the evening was very romantic, cuddly and the gentleman has impressed me with his manners and tenderness very much. Simply unforgettable!

The night at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport

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Last week I had a wonderful night with a young Scandinavian with Iranian roots. He used an escort service for the first time and just booked the whole night.
At first he had a terrible fear that he would be observed to have invited an escort lady. Our meeting almost failed, but in the end he was able to pull himself together and after the long back and forth we met with half a hour delay in the reception hall.
With great relief (also in his purse), we went into the room, where his shyness disappeared in no time at all. His outspoken politeness and intelligence immediately got into my heart and I opened myself to him completely.
As it should be every man with roots from Central Asia, which are all on anal intercourse, he fucked me all night only in my gorgeous butt with the stamina of a young man and pleasure several times until the early morning (I apologize for my choice of words, but another word would distort the facts :-)).
I’m always wondering how my sex can be so beautiful and diverse, how many opportunities my hobby as a courtesan opened up to me, how many great gentlemen I get to know and experience. Yahoo! I love my hobby, long live my escort service!

This evening…

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… I meet with my regular guest and am looking forward to a very nice meeting. Every time the meeting with him is very emotional and exceptionally erotic. I love my double life as a serious businesswoman on one side and VIP escort lady on the other and I’m curious what awaits me today …

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Frankfurt Skyline

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I always admire the Frankfurt skyline, even though I see it every day from different perspectives. Today I’m meeting with a VIP gentleman from the IP industry in a hotel where the bed is right in front of the window with a breathtaking view of the Frankfurt skyline. Hopefully he fucks me through properly. I love my hobby … as a VIP escort lady!

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At Easter, I was pretty honest at first…

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At Easter, I was pretty honest at first, but several days without sex were very hard for me. Finally, on Sunday evening I met with a young gentleman from Luxembourg, he was very young and just came to Frankfurt because of me. I was very touched and it was very nice time with him, he has twice happy end experienced and then enjoy a nice relaxing massage from me.

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Yesterday I had my as…day… but meant in the best sense

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Yesterday I had my as…day, or more precisely evening… but meant in the best sense, of course. He has first let hes co.. pampered oral, sometimes deep and sometimes pleasurable. I kissed his very tender, big and smooth glans, sucked and licked, enjoyed his shaved nuts and deeper between the buttocks with my tongue. He smelled so sexy and was so loving to me. Then we swapped, he spoiled my butt with his tongue until I wanted only one thing: his 20cm deep in my butt! Then it started, he pushed me for hours in all imaginable positions only in the butt until I came again and again … This was my unforgettable anal evening!

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It was beautiful yesterday and again this morning

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Last night I had met an old friend again and he has worried me for 2 hours with his huge part in all my holes properly. It was great again! And this morning I had a lot of desire again! It’s always like this, the more often you have sex the more desire you have. It sounds like addiction but I love it, and this morning I had a date again and this time with two attractive gentlemen. That was an increase of lusts! I had 4 hand-caresses in the beginning and 3 hours nonstop 2 cock-fu… up to falling down in every conceivable position, one after the other, both at once … but … somehow … I have a third missed … In any case, I had a lot of fun lots of sper… and I’m supplied for the next 2-3 days. I love the feeling to go back motivated to normal work, and highly satisfied and relaxed through everyday life.

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This morning

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I woke up this morning and immediately had a strong desire for sex, but I still had a lot to do. And now I finally have time and my next sex date is already set for tonight. This is my old friend, he has a nice cock and fucks very well in all my holes. I already have sexual desire between my legs … and tomorrow morning … I have a date with two men, but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow